Unproductive meetings are expensive. They cost time and money. In this rapidly changing world none of us can afford to waste time or money. Facilitating successful meetings is a mixture of art and science built through experience.

Telchar Systems provides group facilitation services that range from the traditional to state-of-the-art computerized sessions using either single computer or multi-computer configurations. Our experience in applying MeetingSphere,  MeetingWorks and GroupSystems software can provide your meeting with many advantages:

  • Focus: We use the software to focus on the objectives and show the progress during the meeting. Agenda planning improves the flow and outcomes.
  • Simultaneous Input: The participants can all input ideas and information at the same time. We can collect ideas quickly and accurately then allow for comments and review. As users see the flow of ideas they trigger additional responses and stimulate more creative contributions. Users no longer have to wait for someone to stop talking to contribute their ideas.
  • Anonymity: All inputs are anonymous. This allows us to focus on ideas instead of personalities and discourages any one person from dominating a meeting. ideas can be discussed on their own merit without the politics of “who said it” affecting the response. Everyone has a voice and everyone has ownership.
  • Documentation: The software captures the flow of information and reports can be generated promptly so that participants can act immediately.

Typical Applications

  • Create and Review Strategic Plans
  • Produce Detailed Project Plans
  • Create Mission and Vision Statements
  • Develop ReEngineering Plans
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Plan Events
  • Focus Group Studies
  • Develop Quality Improvement Plans
  • Generate Specifications for RFQ’s & RFP’s
  • Produce Cost Containment Plans

We are licensed to provide MeetingSphere services worldwide