About the people behind the process

The whole of the process from conception to the book you see was a delightful adventure in collaboative thinking and creative patrnership. Ralph Veerman first suggested checking out the Carter Collaboration center managed by the Atlanta project. Steve Ujvarosy visited the site and developed the overall vision for the process. At a TAP training session , Brett Boston resonated with the vision and offered to partner with IUA to create the experience. Dan Sweat opened the doors to the Collaboration Center . The process design was an interactive effort between Brett and Steve. The facilitators list in the acknowledgments shows how many people actually participated. Lisa Rivera managed the preliminary and on-site logistics and Helen Ujvarosy led the editing team and took the raw text and shaped it into the book you see.today and Ken Bosma did much of the final hardcopy layout work. 

This HTML version of the book was constructed and is maintained by Steve Ujvarosy of Telchar Systems Inc.

 Institutions and Organizations wishing to place this book on their website should Email me. The total book is just over 2Mb in a single zipped file.