Mr. Jon Abercrombie

FCS/Urban Ministries

Atlanta, GA, USA.

Jon Abercrombie has been involved in Urban Ministry for 25 years. Prior to coming to Atlanta with FCS Urban Ministries in 1980, Jon was a Director of the National Youth Guidance Urban Summer Institute in Chicago and the Executive Director of Youth Guidance in Memphis, Tennessee.

Since 1980, Jon has been with FCS in Atlanta. During those 15 years he started the Samaritan House Day Shelter for the Homeless, and was one of the creator of the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, The St. Nicholas Family Shelter, and the Housing Forum. In 1983, Jon founded Charis Community Housing, a housing construction organization, and directed it until 1990. In 1990 Jon was named the Executive Director of FCS Urban Ministries, the parent corporation of Charis and a variety of other programs geared to reweaving the fabric of specific urban neighborhoods.

He is married to Frances Abercrombie the assistant principal of a large urban high school and attends St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church.

Currently, Jon is launching a new program with FCS called Common Focus. The vision of Common Focus, is to do research, advocacy and education about the struggles, opportunities and successes of rebuilding urban neighborhoods. He will be developing and teaching a one quarter graduate degree course in Community Development for Georgia Tech University and Georgia State University students and other community leaders.

In November the first issue of Common Focus, a regular communique about urban rebirth, will be published.