Stephan deBeer

Director, Institute for Urban Ministry & Co-Ordinator, Pretoria Community Ministries


Pretoria Community Ministries, is a partnership of six inner city churches in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. This ministry incorporates the racial diversity of South Africa and works in partnership with women in crisis, and the homeless and unemployed in the community. They develop inner-city housing and economic development as part of an integrated urban development process. He is also co-ordinator of the Institute for Urban Ministry. The Institute is developing training programs for urban ministry and awareness-programs on urban issues. They envisage a resource centre and annual South African publications on urban ministry. The Institute is rooted in the local urban church, and partnering with churches and seminaries in his country. He is part of the City Centre Church Forum (CCCF), an urban mission idea-exchange for concerned clergy and laity in Pretoria. A national network, NUMISA, is being developed, and this network would link people and organizations in urban ministry with a newsletter and national training conferences. Stephan's wife, Wilna, is the director of "The Potter's House," a home for women in crisis.