Cheryl Hendricks

Cheryl Hendricks is a project manager, technical/business writer and trainer for Group Solutions, Inc., a consulting, management training, and organizational development firm. Cheryl's primary responsibilities include managing comprehensive consulting projects, facilitating electronic meet ings and training communications courses.

Ms. Hendricks holds a Bachelors Degree from Georgia State University. Her latest business experience includes performing strategic planning activities, conducting futures and business research as well as managing/coordinating the production of and contributing to an annual internal publication for BellSouth Corporation. She also has approximately ten (10) years of experience within the marketing division of IBM Corporation providing marketing/technical expertise to the sales force.

Many of her most recent projects involve utilizing group decision support technology to facilitate the management of strategic planning projects for organizations including BellSouth Corporation,

The Atlanta Project and Georgia Department of Education. Cheryl is also currently editing a book for The NutraSweet Company and The Coca-Cola Company.

Outside of family and business, Cheryl's interests center around volunteering as director of her church youth program and other activities related to fostering youth development.