Adult Bedroom

Adult Bedroom 1

Window. The window of the adult bedroom shows the importance of relationships at the family, neighborhood, and community levels. Children are also key in this room. We want them to grow up having sense of security and wellness, and a feeling of being connected to their environment.

The adult's bedroom window should have a world view, not just of one local street. It should portray all of the aspects of the street, from the grayness of urban reality (shown by the lonely and forlorn figure sitting on the curb), to the positive aspects of people of different races speaking over fences. The police are shown in a positive roll, representing the supportive aspects of law and government, but there is also some ambiguity about their presence..

Adult Bedroom 2

Mirror. The mirror in the adult bedroom has three panels, representing the three elements of body, soul, and spirit. The first panel, reflecting the physical body, reminds us to accept ourselves. We can not base our feelings of worth on what we look like. The second panel, the soul, deals in emotional wellness. This has to do with the way others see us, and the way that they will respond to our actions. Finally, the third panel show God's hands reaching down to provide wellness to our spirit.

Bookshelf. Next to the mirror, there is a bookshelf which represents the resources the adult that lives in this bedroom would need to achieve these three reflections. The Bible of course, but also books that represent good fun and joy, such as a family album, or a comedy. There would be biographies, and other works of non-fiction, as well as music and art for emotional well being. There would be books on sexuality (but not on sex) and on ways to increase communications in marriage and other relationships.

Adult Bedroom Skylight

Skylight. God celebrates our intimacy and our relationships. He has a special place for marriages.... He loves us in our intimacy and in our isolation, in our dialogue of love, and in our anger and fights. God brings understanding, forgiveness and healing to our relationships. His presence is there in our sharing.

The skylight to God in our bedroom also reminds us of the suffering, discouragement and conflict that can be found in other bedrooms. These are depicted by a bottle rolling out from under the bed and a container of pills on the night table.