Kyle Hollingsworth

Kyle Hollingsworth is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in the Atlanta area. She graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1989, and has gained a variety of experience in her industry over the past seven years.

Prior to her freelance status, Kyle was a graphic designer for Mack-Solden Design of Atlanta. Kyle also served as, Assistant Creative Director for True Colors International, a craft book publishing company, which she helped to start. She has also maintained a number of clients on a freelance basis since leaving college, and has been steadily involved with Group Solutions' and its clients such as BellSouth and the Atlanta Project.

As well as having very strong illustration skills, Kyle is extremely proficient on the Macintosh computer system. She enjoys drawing, painting, jewelry making, and is an aspiring actress and writer. Having lived in Atlanta for eight years, Kyle relocated to the Los Angeles area in December of 1994, where she continues to pursue her career interests in the arts.