Bill Petersen

Bill Petersen is a Managing Partner of Group Solutions, a consulting company that uses advanced technology to help its clients in the areas of management training and organizational development.

Bill holds degrees in Accounting and Operations Research, and an MBA (Marketing) from St. Edward's University. For over twenty years, he has been involved in transitioning leading-edge technology from the research environment to the marketplace. In the seventies, he was involved in bringing the power of computing from the "glass house" mainframe out to the user's desktops. During the eighties, he developed the marketing program for Texas Instrument's Artificial Intelligence program, and became one of the leading spokesmen for that emerging technology. In 1991, he become the Director of Marketing and Communications for CSTaR, the central research facility for Andersen Consulting.

While working at CSTaR, Bill became involved with the concept of using Scenario-Based Planning to make real-world strategic business decisions. Working with leading practitioners of this form of planning under highly uncertain conditions, he has developed a methodology involving the use of Groupware technology to improve and streamline the scenario development process.