George (Geza) Kovats - Seattle WA, USA

My name is Geza. I am Hungarian. I was born during the Second World War to a family deeply steeped in the Reformed Church tradition. This tradition and the events surrounding my early childhood have been the building blocks upon which my faith, and practice of that faith have been built.

I experienced the sufferings of some of the consequences of man's inhumanity to man. I have suffered with my countrymen as they toiled under the oppression of an externally dominating and controlling foreign power, the consequences of which will affect at least the next two generations of Hungarian citizens. This has helped me to develop a deep seated sense of compassion for the sufferings of others. My work as the Director of a charitable trust has been informed by these experiences causing us to be ever more concerned about, and making investments in, organizations involved in urban ministry.

Another major source of inspiration and information of my life and work has been that of justice and reconciliation. My sense of injustice has come from the same source of experiences growing up after the war. But justice, however necessary, without a related effort toward reconciliation, is woefully insufficient. Bringing disparate and conflicting people and factions together in a spirit of Christ has been one of the major proactive initiatives that our foundation has undertaken in the past few years.

One of the great joys of having a ministry of money is the related ministry of encouragement that comes along with that. I have had the chance to come along side countless scores of people all around the world and bring signs of hope in difficult circumstances. I have been greatly encouraged by a large number of saints in my life and it is now my privilege to return that encouragement to as many others as God would have me respond to the leading of His Spirit.