Lindy Scott - Mexico City, MEXICO

One of the most important principles that urban ministry people need to learn is to recognize the hand of God in the midst of adversity. One of the clearest examples that I have seen is from Alejandro, a man in my church in Mexico City. Alejandro and his wife Adela had four daughters and one son. Their son became a Christian when he was about fourteen years old. Through the testimony of the son, Adela and some of the sisters became attracted to the Christian faith, but Alejandro was more reticent. Although he saw many positive and dramatic changes in his son, Alejandro was not convinced. One night the son was stabbed in the street and died.

Alejandro was angry and then later entered into a period of great depression. He argued with God asking why He had permitted the death of his son. In his depression, Alejandro walked the streets of our neighborhood. He came by our house and saw the notice announcing our Bible study. Alejandro attended the study and after several sessions came to know the Lord. Gradually the Lord healed Alejandro of his emotional hurts. But Alejandro still asked the question, "Why, Lord, did you take my only son?

The Lord's answer gradually unfolded. In our neighborhood, one of the consequences of machismo is the prevalence of unwed mothers with many children. Although many of these women make great efforts to be both mother and father to their children, the fact is that many of the sons need a strong male figure. Alejandro has "adopted" these sons of the neighborhood. He began by organizing a soccer team. When our multipurpose church building was semifinished, he organized a soccer league, and later, leagues for volleyball and basketball teams. He has become as a father to the orphans {Job 29}. Since then he has grown in his Christian walk and has become a member of the pastoral team of the church and codirector of "La Roca" Community Center. His "fatherly" ministry to the sons (and daughters) of the neighborhood has had its ups and downs. Sometimes he is perceived as too tough and sometimes as too easy. Yet through it all, the kids know that he loves them (and that He loves them).

God transformed the adversity of the death of Alejandro's son into a mighty blessing as scores of fatherless children have come to know a father's love.